Java Tree Perch




The Java Tree perch is a design of nature and of skilled craftsmen resulting in the world's most beautiful bird perches and parrot perches. The spacing between branches is ample to provide freedom for the bird to flap their wings and to explore between branches. The base is constructed with quality Kamper wood from Kalimantan milled into a 3/4" plywood bottom, resulting in the steel casters being almost out of sight.

Various designs are used for the carvings around the base.

The finished Java Tree.






Size Guideline

Java Tree perches are sized according to the average diameter of the perch-able horizontal branches on the particular tree. As most birds and parrots can perch on a variety of different size diameter branches, you can use this as a general guideline.

Size 1 = 1/2" D               Canary, Finch

Size 2 = 1/2" - 3/4" D     Lovebird, Parakeet, Caique

Size 3 = 3/4" - 1" D        Amazon, Conure, Caique

Size 4 = 1" - 1 1/2" D     African Grey, Cockatoo

Size 5 = 1 1/2" - 3" D     Macaw, Large Cockatoo

The size of the stands (bases) come in many different sizes depending on the tree themselves but the majority will range from between 24" x 30" and 40" x 60".


Parrot Dishes


Java Tree Parrot Dishes are the first of its kind. Carved from the same wood as the tree perches, adds to the perches natural beauty. They come in many variations of sizes as no two are alike. Size of the dishes is fitted to match the tree perch according to the branch size. They are available pre-mounted with stainless steel threading in the optimum spots on the tree perch.



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